EPOS Systems using the Collins API

We can give EPOS systems access to the Collins API. This will enable them to pull specific data from Collins for example, any pre-paid deposits.

The following EPOS systems currently access our API:

  • Polaris
  • Lightspeed
  • Point One

To get either of the above integrations set up, please contact your Collins Account Manager.

How to set up access to the Collins API

We are able to give access to the following API endpoints:

  • Bookings - this will pull the booking data from your Collins Enquiries Page (ie every field you can see on your CSV download from enquiry page)
  • Users - this will pull your Collins Customers Data
  • Bookings Reports - this will pull your booking reports with whichever parameters you wish
  • Venues - this will pull your DMN Venue reviews
  • Offers - this will pull your Collins Offers (and can be used to check which offers are eligible for a given booking)

If you are looking to get API access for your EPOS system, the first step is for the Account Manager at your EPOS system to have a look through our API Basics for Developers.

If you would then like to proceed, please contact your Collins Account Manager.

You will then be given the following:

It will then be up to your EPOS system to access our API and pull the relevant data.