CRM Systems using the Collins API

We can give CRM systems access to the Collins API. This will enable them to pull specific data from Collins for example, your Customer Data.

The following CRM systems currently access our API:

  • Airship
  • Alchemetrics
  • Acteol
  • Sprout Send (MyGuestlist)

How to set up access to the Collins API

We are able to give access to the following API endpoints:

  • Bookings - this will pull the booking data from your Collins Enquiries Page (ie every field you can see on your CSV download from enquiry page)
  • Users - this will pull your Collins Customers Data
  • Bookings Reports - this will pull your booking reports with whichever parameters you wish
  • Venues - this will pull your DMN Venue reviews
  • Offers - this will pull your Collins Offers (and can be used to check which offers are eligible for a given booking)

If you are looking to get API access for your CRM system, the first step is for the Account Manager at your CRM system to have a look through our API Basics for Developers.

If you would then like to proceed, please contact your Collins Account Manager with full details of what you are looking to do and which specific API endpoints you are looking to use (for example, Users endpoint for Customer Data).

You will then be given the following:

It will then be up to your CRM system to access our API and pull the relevant data.

Collins/Fishbowl Integration Overview

The Collins/Fishbowl integration is set up differently as it is a fixed connection to their API, so that when new bookings are added to Collins, the customer details will automatically push to Fishbowl (if the customer has opted in for your marketing permission). The data possible to be pushed is decided by the paramaters available in your Fishbowl account.

Please note: the customer details will only push to Fishbowl if they are associated to an enquiry/booking. Customers that are added as a new customer (without a booking associated) in your Customer Section will not push to Fishbowl.

Setting up the Collins/Fishbowl Integration

If you are looking to set up an integration with Fishbowl, please request your Quick Subscribe Documentation from Fishbowl and pass on to your Collins Account Manager.

We will need the following details:

The integration can be set up for indivudal venues or at venue group level (depending on whether all your venues are using the same Fishbowl account).

Please note: depending on our tech roadmap, it can take our tech team up to two weeks to set up this integration.

Once set up, data should be pushed to Fishbowl whenever a customer is created/changes (ie when the booking is added). So if you would like to test the integration, you can create a test booking in your Collins (and check that they are showing in Fishbowl).

Collins/Fishbowl Integration FAQs

1. If we update marketing permissions within Collins, will these automatically push to Fishbowl?

If the marketing permission is changed on Collins so that marketing permission is ticked, the customer details will automatically pushed to Fishbowl.

If the marketing permission is changed in Collins so that marketing permission is not ticked, but the customer already exists as subscribed in Fishbowl, you will have to manually update your Fishbowl list.

2. Is it possible for Collins to push booking details (in addition to customer details)?

By default, the integration is set up to only allow Collins to send customer details to Fishbowl.

It is possible for Collins to push additional details. Depending on what data you are looking to collect, you will need to check that Fishbowl can handle different formats.

For example, we need to pass labels as a comma-separated string. Fishbowl will need to split them up and be able to store them separately.

You will be able to set up to receive additional data. To do this:

  1. Set up another profile field in your Enterprise for the additional data you wish to collect
  2. Let your Collins Account Manager know the name of the field that you have set up
  3. Collins will then be able to pass the additional details as part of the QS send of new members

Please note: depending on our tech roadmap, it can take our tech team up to two weeks to update/set up this integration.

Collins/Zonal CRM Integration Overview

The Collins/Zonal CRM integration is set up to push bookings to the Zonal CRM when the booking has been confirmed in Collins, and again if any booking details are updated.

The following customer and booking details are sent:

Customer Details

  • Full Name
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Marketing Permission

Booking Details:

  • Booking Reference
  • Status
  • Location
  • Date
  • Time
  • Number of Guests
  • Deposits
  • Type

Setting up the Collins/Zonal CRM Integration

To set this up, we require the following details from Zonal: