Customising the 2nd stage of your Collins booking widget

The second stage of the Collins V2 widget is the page where customers are prompted to give their contact details, optionally taking payment or allowing pre-orders to be added to the booking.

You are able to customise this stage of the widget.

To customise your second stage of the widget, your web developer would need to:

  1. Tell us a URL of a stylesheet (that has to be on an HTTPS connection for us to load it) and what you want to use it for (eg app/website).

  2. We add this CSS URL to our system for your venue group, with a name eg app

  3. When you add the form to your page, you add stylesheet="app" to the script to tell our page which CSS to upload eg

Widget code with added stylesheet

When the booking form loads, it will also load your CSS so you can override whatever is on the book page.

Examples of partners with a customised second stage:

The Grill on the Square

Customising the buttons and alert messages

If you want to further customise the appearance of the second iframe, you can add specific CSS rules that apply. The following table lists the main elements of the second iframe and their CSS selectors:

Element CSS Selector Notes for Collins users
Optional pre-orders message .preorder-payment-instructions No minimum preorders have been set
Pre-Order Required Message .alert-preorder-payment A minimum order has been set
Minimum Pre-Order Required Message .alert-preorder-requirements The minimum order has not yet been met
Next steps to your Pre-Order message .preorder-payment-advance-warning
Next and Book Now Buttons .btn-submit-booking
Cross sell message .alert-alternative-availability You have set up cross sell with your sister sites
Add Dietary Requirements button .btn-add-diatary-requirements
Order Summary .order-summary
Pre-Order Header .preorder-menus h2
Pre-Order Instructions .instruction-summary


.instruction-summary {
    display: none;

.btn-add-dietary-requirements {
    background-color: red;

The above CSS would result in the following:

Example of customised Pre-Order

Customising second stage of V2 widget FAQs

**1. Will customers always be re-directed to a new page once they have seleced their Until Time?

Yes. We have found that redirecting customers to a full splash screen leads to a higher conversion rate compared to pop up iframes. They are also better optimised for mobiles.

2. When customising the second stage of the widget, which fields are we able to hide?

You are able to remove only the fields that are not required to complete the enquiry.

For example, you will be able to hide the birthday field as long as it has not been made a mandatory field in your Collins settings.

You are also able to remove both marketing permission opt-ins (for your venue and

To be able to hide these, your web developer will have to override the styling on the page.

3 We have multiple venues in our venue group. Are we able to load style sheets for each individual venue within the group?

We can set up multiple style sheets eg we could name them ‘app’ and ‘website’. Your code will just specify the stylesheet you want at the time eg:

  DMN.val('stylesheet', 'app');


  DMN.val('stylesheet', 'website');