Event Guests API

Before you begin

Refer to the API Basics section to ensure you are familiar with the essentials of how to interact with the API.


The guests API endpoint provides you with all that you need to retrieve guest information for events.

Listing guests

Start by sending a GET request with the ID of the event you wish to get the information for:

$ curl -X GET https://api.designmynight.com/v4/events/<event_id>/guests?occurrence=<date>
$ curl -X GET https://api.designmynight.com/v4/events/5a8c0ca4cb554029f55bbb9c/guests?occurrence=2020-06-28

URL format

The URL contains the <event_id> which is tied to your event. To get this do the following:

  1. Log onto your Event admin
  2. Go to the dashboard
  3. Look at the URL and copy the long id

The URL also takes occurrence as a parameter. This is the date the event takes place in the format YYYY-MM-DD. For more information on obtaining event dates please contact your account manager.

You’ll get a response like this:

    "payload": {
        "guests": [{
            "rep_commission": 0,
            "discount": 0,
            "unitPrice": 0,
            "repId": "",
            "source": "designmynight-admin",
            "comments": "",
            "purchaseCheckoutQuestions": [],
            "productItems": [],
            "email": "support@designmynight.com",
            "phone": "",
            "checkedInGuests": 0,
            "checkedInTickets": [],
            "checkedIn": false,
            "purchaseId": "5a8c0d1e3a28a23624250dea",
            "purchaseRef": "EXT-3743990665",
            "subType": "5a8c0c7dc13ec64ef040ef38",
            "subTypeName": "Test Ticket",
            "firstName": "Sterling",
            "lastName": "Archer",
            "numPeople": 1,
            "ticketList": [{
                "_id": "5a8c0d1e3a28a23624250de8",
                "ticket_ref": 1,
                "reference": 651,
                "checked_in": false,
                "checked_in_by": "",
                "guest_name": "",
                "guest_email": "",
                "refunded": false,
                "item_id": "5a8c0ca4cb554029f55bbb9c",
                "item_name": "Tonic Party",
                "sub_type_id": "5a8c0c7dc13ec64ef040ef38",
                "sub_type_name": "Test Ticket"
    "status": 200,
    "requestTime": "2018-02-20T11:59:32",
    "responseTime": "2018-02-20T11:59:32",
    "statusText": "OK",
    "url": "/v4/events/5a8c0ca4cb554029f55bbb9c/guests",
    "method": "GET",
    "params": {
    "occurrence": "20200628"

Guests format

Each guest object will contain the following keys:

Field Type Description
rep_commission integer the amount of commission the rep will receive (if any)
discount integer the discount amount applied to the tickey via a discout code
unitPrice integer the unit price of a ticket
repId string the rep id (id any)
source string string representing the source of the guest purchase
comments string comments a guest has made during the checkout
purchaseCheckoutQuestions array questions a guest has answered during the checkout
productItems array Product Items
email string customer email
phone integer customer phone
checkedInGuests integer number of checked in guests
checkedInTickets array list of the checked in tickets
checkedIn boolean if the guest is fully checekd in
purchaseId string the purchase id (internal to DMN)
purchaseRef string the purchase ref
subType string ticket sub type id
subTypeName string ticket sub type name
firstName string first name of the customer
lastName string last name of the customer
numPeople integer the number of people
ticketList array the tickets in the guest purchase

Each ticket in the ticket list will contain the following keys

Field Type Description
_id string the id of the ticket (internal)
ticket_ref string the reference of the ticket (deprecated)
reference int the reference of the ticket
checked_in boolean if the ticket is checked in
checked_in_by string who checked the ticketi n
guest_name string the guest name
guest_email string the guest email
refunded boolean if the ticket has been refunded
item_id string the event id
item_name string the event name
sub_type_id string the ticket id
sub_type_name string the ticket name